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2016 Valentine's Holiday Photo Contest

Submit your feline friend for a photo contest by this Valentine's Day.  Click on the photos below to see the full size image.

Winner of Photo Contest Sophie


Runner up Pacey


  • Halle Habetz

    Sammy, the best gift under our tree!

  • Tux Human Slave

    Betty Chow

    Tux Human Slave: Looking at the world from his man cave.

  • Blizzard

    Regina Thurman

    Here is Blizzard, at Five Acers Animal Shelter.

  • Scratchy (1)

    Kathy Russell

    Scratchy, she is 18 months old and is a Maine Coon I rescued . Hard to believe you could count every rib in her body and half her fur was missing and was also infested with fleas, but Now that I have her she is so happy and so is her new Mom :D

  • Scratchy (3)

    Kathy Russell

  • Scratchy(2)

    Kathy Russell

  • Scratchy (5)

    Kathy Russell

  • Scratchy (4)

    Kathy Russell

  • Scratchy (6)

    Kathy Russell

  • Dream Weaver

    Linda Massey

    This is SPCR (Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue in Wisconsin) Dream Weaver and me. She was surrendered into rescue from a hoarder/breeder situation. She was one of 30 intact, breeding pedigreed Tonkinese cats living in a mobile home with their breeder/owner. She was quite shy and unsocialized when I adopted her, but after 3 years of patience and love, THIS was the reward. Dreamer jumping into my lap for love and cuddles is the best present EVER.

  • Roxy (heart)


    My adorable Cat Roxy.

  • Mittens

    Colleen Heim

    My kitty Mittens caught in a whirlwind of roses.

  • Wally

    Danielle Ferguson


  • Nyhm IzConcerned

    Aurora Lambrecht

    This is Nyhm IzConcerned, she is out beautiful chocolate tortoiseshell. Daughter to Aurora and Kiera Lambrecht, South Africa

  • Leo DLH

    Angela Smith

    Leo is a 3 year old DLH living in Philadelphia. Leo was found in the woods and was extremely emaciated. He is known for being very talkative and a complete "mama's boy".

  • Lily White

    Kathleen Davison

    Lily White (back) and her son Mighty (front)

  • Gray

    Kathleen Davison

    Gray (left) & his silent buddy

  • Irish

    Colleen Knight

    Irish (aka Grumpy) has taken love of boxes to a whole new level: she even sleeps in one instead of in a cat bed! She was rescued from a shelter at 12 years old and is very loved and spoiled - she gets to keep whatever boxes she wants!

  • Justin

    Christine Selwood

    This is Justin, a rescue cat from the streets of Toronto. He is the cuddliest guy ever.

  • Puppi

    Ashley Hoffman & Ashli Cheshire

    This is Puppi, a clumsy kitten who often needs a lot of TLC.

  • Willy and Wully

    Franziska Meyer

    Willy & Wully from Switzerland

  • Willy

    Franziska Meyer

    We lost Willy to FIP one month ago. He will be to the end of time in our hearts. Love you Willy ♡

  • Pacey

    Paige Bonk

    This is Pacey, my furry little love bug! I found him as a stray nearly three years ago, and he's changed my life in so many ways. I'm incredibly lucky to have him in my life!

  • Lady Jane

    Ann Cofone

    rescue kitty, Manx (no tail) Playing in her tunnel when the opening made a valentine shape..

  • meimei

    Patricia Shea, DVM

    This is me holding my cat, MeiMei (means "younger sister" in Chinese) for therapy of chronic rhinosinusitis with a class IV therapeutic laser. Just five treatments have largely resolved this miserable condition that affects so many cats. Here's looking at you, kid!

  • SophieVDay

    Christiana Viscusi

    This is Sophie and her pal koala being sweet for the big day.

  • Spurgeon-and-Daddy-(5)-2

    Robert Marino

    Spurgeon is my buddy and pal.

  • Sally & Bunny

    Debra Carter

    Sally & Bunny

  • Sally & Zoe

    Debra Carter

    Sally & Zoe

  • Sally

    Debra Carter


  • Goldie

    Debra Carter


  • Suki

    Debra Carter


  • Avery & Goldie

    Debra Carter

    Avery & Goldie

  • Avery

    Debra Carter


  • Bunny & Sally

    Debra Carter

    Bunny & Sally

  • Awesome Sauce Kitty

    Carolyn Moon

    This is Awesome Sauce kitty: With real bedroom eyes

  • Oliver

    Priscilla Charbel


  • Terry (1 of 1)

    Verónica Hernández

    Terry is my cute little kitten, I adopted her last october when she was barely a month old, she is as tender and loving as anyone can imagine

  • Callimico and Callitrichidae

    Susan Moy

    Here are my 2 boys, Callimico on top and Callitrichidae on the bottom.

Get in the holiday spirit and participate in Winn's Valentine's Day Cat Photo Contest! 

Show how you love your cat in a unique way. "How do I love thee, let me count (the photo) ways...."
Your photo will reside on Winn's gallery page for viewing.

Details for submission:

Include the cat's name and your name with the photo

Photo size maximum is 3 MB

Category for prize winner

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$50 Amazon Gift Card to winner

Selected by panel of judges
Last day for submission is February 12, 2016

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