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Recurring Donors = Cat Health Champions

Become a Cat Health Champion

Regular monthly or quarterly scheduled gifts through Winn Feline Foundations recurring gift program helps Winn optimize its ability to fund cat health studies. Your commitment to make a recurring donation provides a dependable source of income to support Winn's research and education programs. 

Become a Cat Health Champion today by using our secure online donation form. On the donation form, simply select the recurring amount you wish to give followed by the frequency of the gift (a monthly gift is recommended).

As a Cat Health Champion, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • a welcome letter
  • "thank you gift" including Winn magnets, a Winn note pad and writing pad, and Winnie folder
  • recognition on our website 
  • peace of mind knowing that "Every Cat, Every Day Benefits" from Winn funded research and your support
For more information or about becoming a Cat Health Champion, please contact our office at 201-275-0624, ext 701 or

Cat Health Champions

Thank you to the following individuals for their ongoing contributions to Winn Feline Foundation over the years: 

Holly Aglialaro

Devon P. Akers

Mr. Nadjib Amar

Ms. Tania Antenucci 

Emily Beach

Patty Beach

Jill Blakeley

Marsha Blevins

Patrick Bowers

Bonnie Bragdon

Carl Burdick

Mr. Eric Bruner

Ms. Saniye Cal

Ms. Monica Cantero

Ms. Cynthia Cash

Miss Miranda Colle

John Christman

Dorothy Chao

Megan Craig

Eric Daigh

Ms. Brianna Daly

Dr. Larysa Davis

Sara de Wet

Ms. Anna Di Stasio

Jessica Eisnor

Allen Epstein

Dr. Josephine Fike

Ms. Tiffany Flannigan

Ms. Nora Ford

Ms. Susan Foster   

Ms. Galina Gorelik

Carol Goin

Eric Green

Mrs. Karen Greenwood  

Mr. Bedwyr Griffiths

Ms. Lena Gubarev

Ms. Marya Gutek     

Chemise Hall

Payge Heater

Kim Herring

Mr. James Hill

Ms. Millicent Hollins

Nina Israel

Krista Jacobs

Ame Keith

Diana & Kevin Santiago-Kiley

Hyungwon Kim

Mrs. Denise Kornblatt

Tatyana Kremer

Oleg & Yayoi Kuzmin

Bojana Lango

Kathleen Meyers

Mr. David Mucci

Laura Needham

ForestWind Siberian Cats

Joanne Lamb

Ms. Leah Lemont

Kerry Lewis, DVM

Amanda MacGregor

Miss Rosalinda Magalona

Ryan Malane

Ms. Sharon McComb

Colleen McDonald

Ms. Kathleen A. Meyers

Whitney Myers

Trena Moberly

Dr. Glenn Olah

Ms. Laura Pearlman

Captain Mark Petty, Sr.

Paulette Picard

Roberto Regoli

Dr. Lillian Roberts

Ms. Anna Rust

Mrs. Wendy Rolls

Courtney Sambula

Linda Sampson

Ms. Grace Simms

Mrs. Hannelore Spahn

Ms. Marsha Stanton

Victoria Starr

Norma Sutcliffe

Lisa Vasa

Ms. Vanessa Vinci, RN

Dr. Larissa J. Taylor

Dr. Vicki Thayer

Adam Trosterman

Dr. Sue Schonberg

Ms. Lorraine Shelton

Mrs. Tracey Sparacio

Wei Tzen Teoh

Spidell Family Trust

Cynthia Vales

Carola Vamvakaris

Mary Warner

Richard & Amy Weavil

Ashley Wetteborn

Lauren Whitticom
Paul Wyman

Carolyn Whyte

Eric Whitlock

Mr. Henry Wojciechowski

Kate Travers     

William Yohler, DVM