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Donor Recognition

Together, we’re making a difference — thank you!

Cumulative Donors

Winn gratefully acknowledges the continued support of individuals and organizations whose cumulative contributions have enhanced the strength and growth of Winn Feline Foundation over the years.

Diamond Donor

$100,000 or more

Cat Fanciers Association (

Creszentia Allen Estate

Don and Joanne Thompson Estate

George & Phyllis Miller Trust

Houston Cat Club (

Home Again Program/Merck Animal Health (


Kal Kan Pet Foods (

Ralston Purina Corporation (

Susan M. Wright Estate

David and Virginia Wolfe Estate

Claus & Susanne Wehnert

Wilton & Gladys J. Wheeldon Charitable Remainder Trust

Wilton Wheeldon Estate

Zoetis (

Silver Donor

$75,000 – $99,999

Veterinary Information Network

Garden State Cat Club


Platinum Donor

$50,000 - $74,999

Anonymous Foundation

Claus Wehnert


Marcia Dial Hopkins Estate

San Diego Cat Fanciers

San Francisco Revelers

Vickie Fisher

Distinguished Donor

$25,000 – $49,999

CFA International Cat Show

Combined Federal Campaign

Edward Terrizzi Estate

Friskies PetCare Company

Graafmans, Art & Kristi

Greenwald, J.E.D.

Hoffmaster, Lyn & West

Jiminy Christmas Cat Club

Lincoln State Cat Club

Little, Susan DVM

Mable E. Cannon Estate

Schwab Charitable Trust

Terrizzi Estate

Sustaining Donor

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous Foundation

Atlantic Phoenix Cat Society

Estate of Carolyn Behnke

Birmingham Feline Fanciers

Black Diamond Cat Club

Buffalo Cat Fanciers

Capital Cat Fanciers

Castor, Diane

Cat Fanciers of Washington

Cat'n On the Fox

Cats Chicago

Cats Plain & Fancy

Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Diamond State Cat Club

Elbirt, Benjamin

Ellis, Sandra

Finicky Felines Society

Foot of the Rockies Cat Club

Fort Dodge Laboratories

Genesee Cat Fanciers

Susan Gingrich

Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers

Hawkeye State Cat Club

Henry Estate

Alwyn & Edward Hill

Iams Company (The)

Jack, Kathleen

Joann E. Landers Estate

Kal Kan Pet Foods

Kittyhawk Felines

Landers Trust

Lone Star Cat Club

Memorial Cat Hospital

Mid-Michigan Cat Fanciers

Mildred Smith Estate

Mo-Kan Cat Club

Mohawk Valley Feline Fanciers

National Birman Fanciers

National Capital Show

Nature's Earth Products, Inc. (Feline Pine)

New Hampshire Feline Fanciers

Norwegian Forest Cat Club

Oriental Shorthairs of America

Parker, Herbert

Quad City Cat Club

Queen City Cat Club

Robert Henry Estate

Ruyssers, Kathy

Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers

Salt City Cat Club

Smith Estate

Sullivan, Nancy

Tarheel Triangle Cat Fanciers

Tri-County Cat Club

Wolf, Janet & Otto

Esteemed Donor

$5,000 – $9,999

Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club

Art for Cat's Sake

BIOMED Diagnostics, Inc.

Bizzell, Carla

Burmese Club of Southern California

Caring For Cats Vet Hospital/Betsy Arnold

Carol L. Ross Estate

Carolina Sophisticats

Cat Club of Palm Beaches

Cat Doctor, The/ Marla McGeorge DVM

Cat Nation Fanciers

Cats Exclusive, Inc.

Chesapeake Cat Club

Cincinnati Cat Club

Clarkson, Susan (Sunny)

Compadres Los Gatos

Cotton States Cat Club

Cowboy Country Cat Fanciers

Dale, Steve & Szarvas, Robin

Devon Rex Breed Club

Elerding, Bonnie

Ellis, Sandra

Felidae Enterprises; Feline Health Center/Ratti, Christine DVM

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Gaither, Edward & Elizabeth

Kitty Kollar/Garrou, Donna

Hauser Doris

Helmrich, Ralph & Karen

Henson, Jan & Karen

HI-Desert Cat Club

Hidden Peak Cat Club

Illini Cat Club

Illinois Feline Fanciers

International Bengal Society (The)

Jyrak Denmark Cat Club

KM Group LLC

Long Island Cat Club

Los Colores Cat Club

Mabel E. Cannon Estate

Maine Coon Cat Club

Miami Florida Cat Fanciers

Milwaukee Cat Club

Music City Cat Fanciers

National Alliance of Burmese Breeders

Nova Cat Fanciers

Phoenix Feline Fanciers

Poppy State Cat Club

Rondy’s Inc.

Ross Estate

Sarges, Cheryl

Schneider-Hester, Helene

Smith, Dell Thetford

Snelson, Linda

Tonkinese East

United Silver Fanciers

Wastlhuber, Joan & Alfred

Western Himalayan Fanciers

Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers

Wilderang, Ulrica (Cat Club)

William Penn Cat Club

Major Donor

$2,500 - $4,999

Abyssinian Midwest Breeders

Alamo City Cat Club

Amarillo Cat Fanciers

Ammons, Marsha

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Animal Emergency Referral Center

Anonymous through Network for Good

Anthony Wayne Cat Fanciers

Arkansas Feline Fanciers

Arnold, Bette Ann

Atlantic Himalayan Club

Barnes Nieding, Shirley

Black Tie & Tails Cat Club

Bonsal, Frances M.

Brenda Kimble Estate

Call of the Wild

Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club

Cat Clinic, The/Letrisa Miller DVM

Cat Writer’s Association

Center for Health Transformation

CFA Judges’ Association

Chao, Dorothy

Choo Choo Cat Fanciers

Clark, Gloria & John

Cohen, David & Deborah

Cotter, Pam

Country Faire Cat Fanciers

Crow Canyon Cat Club

Damn Yankees Cat Club

Dandylions Cat Club

Daytona Beach Cat Fanciers, Inc.

Empire Cat Club

Feline Forum of Greater New York

Felis Danica

Fiesta City Cat Club

Fisher, Elva P.

Foothills Felines

Fort Worth Cat Club

Frazier, Linda

Frontier Feline Fanciers

Frommer, Peter & Elizabeth

Germinder & Associates

Great Lakes Region

Greater Baltimore Cat Club

Greater St. Louis Cat Club

Green, James

Greenman, Karen

Hunt Country Cat Club

Idexx Laboratories, Inc.

Japan Region

Jarrell, William

Jones, Becky

Kruy, Steve

Land of Oz Cat Club

Lucky Tomcat Club

Magic City Cat Club

Magin, Paul & Ann

Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers

Mandell Foundation

Mandell, Gerald

Mark Twain Feline Fanciers

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Midwest is Best Burmese

Miller, Douglas

Moen, Kris

North Atlantic Region

Porter, AnnaMarie

Onders, Timothy

Oregon Cats, Inc.

Ozark Cat Fanciers

Responsible Cat Fanciers of the Northwest

Riley, Phillip & Lori

Saintly City Cat Club

Santa Clara Valley Cat Fanciers

Siamese Breed Council

Siberian Breed Club

Tails & No Tales Cat Club

Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers

Thom, Eric & Helena

Treasure Coast Cat Fanciers

Turner, Emily M. & Douglas

Twin City Cat Fanciers

Voigt, Sabine

Waterfill, Judith & Dallas, Terry

Watson, Daniel DVM/College Station Cat Clinic

Wehle-Jensen, Thomas

White, Betty

Wichita Cat Fancy, Inc.

Willingham, Christine

Recurring Donors

Thank you to the following individuals for their ongoing contributions to Winn Feline Foundation over the years: 

Holly Aglialaro

Devon P. Akers

Mr. Nadjib Amar

Ms. Tania Antenucci 

Emily Beach

Patty Beach

Jill Blakeley

Marsha Blevins

Patrick Bowers

Bonnie Bragdon

Carl Burdick

Mr. Eric Bruner

Ms. Saniye Cal

Ms. Cynthia Cash

Miss Miranda Colle

John Christman

Dorothy Chao

Megan Craig

Eric Daigh

Ms. Brianna Daly

Dr. Larysa Davis

Ms. Anna Di Stasio

Jessica Eisnor

Allen Epstein

Dr. Josephine Fike

Ms. Tiffany Flannigan

Ms. Nora Ford

Ms. Susan Foster   

Ms. Galina Gorelik

Mrs. Karen Greenwood  

Mr. Bedwyr Griffiths

Ms. Lena Gubarev

Ms. Marya Gutek     

Chemise Hall

Kim Herring

Mr. James Hill

Ms. Millicent Hollins

Nina Israel

Krista Jacobs

Ame Keith

Diana & Kevin Santiago-Kiley

Hyungwon Kim

Mrs. Denise Kornblatt

Tatyana Kremer

Oleg & Yayoi Kuzmin

Bojana Lango

Mr. David Mucci

Laura Needham

ForestWind Siberian Cats

Joanne Lamb

Ms. Leah Lemont

Kerry Lewis, DVM

Amanda MacGregor

Miss Rosalinda Magalona

Ryan Malane

Ms. Sharon McComb

Colleen McDonald

Ms. Kathleen A. Meyers

Whitney Myers

Trena Moberly

Dr. Glenn Olah

Ms. Laura Pearlman

Captain Mark Petty, Sr.

Paulette Picard

Roberto Regoli

Dr. Lillian Roberts

Ms. Anna Rust

Mrs. Wendy Rolls

Linda Sampson

Ms. Grace Simms

Mrs. Hannelore Spahn

Ms. Marsha Stanton

Victoria Starr

Norma Sutcliffe

Lisa Vasa

Ms. Vanessa Vinci, RN

Dr. Larissa J. Taylor

Dr. Vicki Thayer

Adam Trosterman

Dr. Sue Schonberg

Ms. Lorraine Shelton

Mrs. Tracey Sparacio

Wei Tzen Teoh

Spidell Family Trust

Cynthia Vales

Carola Vamvakaris

Richard & Amy Weavil

Ashley Wetteborn
Paul Wyman

Carolyn Whyte

Mr. Henry Wojciechowski

Kate Travers     

William Yohler, DVM

Donor Tree: A symbol of thanks and recognition

The Winn Donor Tree is a permanent acknowledgment of the generosity of our supporters. This impressive metal sculpture includes leaves, rocks and boulders inscribed with the names of our special donors at certain levels. It was provided through a special grant from Kal Kan Pet Foods and installed in the Cat Fanciers' Association Central Office in Alliance, Ohio.

Leaf Level Donor Tree = $2,500 or more
Star Level Donor Tree = $25,000 or more
Rock Level Donor Tree = $50,000 or more
Boulder Level Donor Tree = $100,000 or more

Donor Tree