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Video interviews with prominent Winn-funded researchers

Mr. Steve Dale, Winn Feline Foundation board member and a nationally syndicated radio host, teamed with producer Matt Bubala of Black Dog Radio Productions to create this collection of video interviews for Winn Feline Foundation:
View our videos also on Winn's YouTube Channel.

Dr. Jessica Quimby

Current study on stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease in cats

Dr. Duncan Lascelles

The importance of Degenerative Joint Disease as a source of chronic pain in cats

Dr. Carol Reinero

Asthma in cats - current and future treatment options

Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet TV

On how Winn's support of research benefits cats with behavior problems and many other medical conditions.

Dr. David Maggs

Novel methods for assessing the tear film and ocular surface in cats.


Dr. Karen Moriello

Study findings of decontamination of ringworm on household surfaces.

Dr. Craig Webb

Allogeneic adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cell therapy for cats with inflammatory  bowel disease