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Journal Articles

Findings of Winn researchers

Winn Feline Foundation has funded many projects since its inception, for a total of over $6 million in grants by the start of 2018. Winn-funded researchers make their findings available to the veterinary community in veterinary journals, and we provide synopses of their reports on our website and in our blog.


Veterinary Journal Articles

Funded by Miller Trust Grant MT14-018

Characterization of the cutaneous mycobiota in healthy and allergic cats using next generation sequencing.

Funded by Miller Trust Grant MT11-001

Stem cell therapy in cats with chronic enteropathy: a proof-of-concept study.

Funded by Miller Trust Grant MT10-009

Vitamin E supplementation fails to impact measures of oxidative stress or the anaemia of feline chronic kidney disease: a randomized, double-blinded placebo control study.

Funded by Winn Grants W09-022  and W11-013 

Mortality in kittens is associated with a shift in ileum mucosa-associated enterococci from Enterococcus hirae to biofilm-forming Enterococcus faecalis and adherent Escherichia coli.

Funded by Miller Trust Grant MT08-004  and Winn Grants W08-004  and W11-008

Mutation in spike protein cleavage site and pathogenesis of feline coronavirus.

Funded by Miller Trust Grant MT10-002

Pharmacokinetics of buprenorphine following intravenous and buccal administration in cats, and effects on thermal threshold.

Funded by Miller Trust Grant MT11-014

Relationship between plasma dexmedetomidine concentration and sedation score and thermal threshold in cats.

Funded by Winn Grant W08-036

Haematological and biochemical reference intervals of four feline breeds.

Funded by Winn Grant W12-034

Feline dermatophytosis: steps for investigation of a suspected shelter outbreak.

Funded by Winn Grants W10-014  and W11-041 

Genome-wide association and linkage analyses localize a progressive retinal atrophy locus in Persian cats.

Funded by Winn Grants W10-014  and W10-015 

A splice variant in KRT71 is associated with curly coat phenotype of Selkirk Rex cats.

Funded by Winn Grants W10-014  and W11-041 

To the Root of the Curl: A Signature of a Recent Selective Sweep Identifies a Mutation That Defines the Cornish Rex Cat Breed.

Funded by Winn Grant W12-042 

Evaluation of delivery agents used for introduction of small interfering RNAs into feline corneal cells.

Funded by Winn Grant W11-002 

Therapeutic doses of multipotent stromal cells from minimal adipose tissue.

Funded by Winn grant W11-035 

A lentiviral gene therapy strategy for the in vitro production of feline erythropoietin.

Funded by Winn grant W13-029

Familial cardiomyopathy in Norwegian Forest Cats.


Funded by Winn grants W10-014 and W10-015

Japanese Bobtail: vertebral morphology and genetic characterization of an established cat breed.

Funded by Winn grant 10-015

Multiple mutant T alleles cause haploinsufficiency of Brachyyury and short tails in Manx cats.