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Alternate Medication Formulations for Cats

Oct 26, 2010
Traas AM, Fleck T, Ellings A et al: Ease of oral administration and owner-perceived acceptability of triglyceride oil, dissolving thin film strip, and gelatin capsule formulations to healthy cats, Am J Vet Res 71:610, 2010.

Giving oral medications can be a challenge for many cat owners and compliance by owners can be a concern for veterinarians when treatment is required using such medications. This study compared owner-assessed ease of administration and overall acceptability by cats to three chemically inactive (i.e., no drug) formulations administered orally. Ninety healthy client-owned cats were randomly assigned to receive one of three formulations by mouth once daily for 14 days. The formulations were a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil (at 0.1 ml/kg), thin film strips (single strip applied to the outer gingival surface), and gelatin capsules (using a pill-administration device). The thin film strip formulation has been developed for human use and has not been evaluated for use in cats. The MCT oil and dissolving thin film strip formulations were rated subjectively on a daily basis by owners as easier to administer and more acceptable to cats than was the gelatin capsule formulation in this study of healthy tractable cats. This information should be considered in the future when prescribing treatments or formulating new medications for cats. [VT]

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