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Comparison of the feline genome to canine and human genomes

May 17, 2007
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Murphy, W. J., B. Davis, et al. (2007). "A 1.5-Mb-resolution radiation hybrid map of the cat genome and comparative analysis with the canine and human genomes." Genomics 89(2): 189-96.

We report the construction of a 1.5-Mb-resolution radiation hybrid map of the domestic cat genome. This new map includes novel microsatellite loci and markers derived from the 2X genome sequence that target previous gaps in the feline-human comparative map. Ninety-six percent of the 1793 cat markers we mapped have identifiable orthologues in the canine and human genome sequences.
>> PubMed abstract

For more information:
Dr. Bill Murphy's webpage at Texas A&M University
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