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Sep 25, 2018

Wyckoff, NJ, September 25th, 2018:
Julie Legred, CVT is the new Executive Director of the Winn Feline Foundation.
Legred has held leadership positions in veterinary medicine throughout her career. Most
recently she served as the Executive Director of the National Association of Veterinary
Technicians in America, where she was instrumental in elevating the status of technicians
and supported the current transition to be called veterinary nurse. She represented over
15,000 veterinary technicians/nurses around the country.
Legred was previously the veterinary technician specialist for Banfield the Pet Hospital.
Legred, who has appeared at most major veterinary meetings in America, is well known
throughout the veterinary community, and continues to serve on several Boards.
"I am very excited to serve as Winn Feline Foundation Executive Director." says Legred. "I
have some big shoes to fill taking on Dr. Vicki Thayer's position, but am truly committed to
focusing on making a difference for our smaller four-legged friends' lives by increasing
much needed support for feline health research and bringing these important efforts in the
forefront of the veterinary medical profession, as well as industry and to cat lovers."
Incoming Winn Feline President Dr. Drew Weigner adds, "Julie brings her vast knowledge
of veterinary medicine and her unique perspective as a certified veterinary technician to
the type of innovative feline research Winn is known for.  This will ultimately benefit even
more cats every day.  We're excited to add her creativity to our organization."

Legred replaces retiring Executive Director Dr. Vicki Thayer. After serving on the Board of
Directors since 2008, Thayer was hired as the Executive Director in 2014.

Among Dr. Thayer's many accomplishments:
  • Established October 20th as Cures for Cats Days, plus the focus this year with
    campaign on Feline Kidney Disease.
  • Established scholarships for veterinary students with a feline medicine interest with
    the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) and American Association of
    Feline Practitioners (AAFP).
  • Established the New Feline Investigator Award (now named for former Board
    member Fred Jacobberger).
  • Streamlined and updated the Winn Feline grant proposal practices/policies
  • Supported many new education opportunities from veterinary conferences
    to speaking with cat owners to promote the work Winn Feline funds.
"It is truly a bittersweet moment as I look forward to my retirement as Executive Director
for Winn Feline Foundation at the end of 2018," says Thayer.  "I am very proud of my
accomplishments, along with everyone associated with Winn over our 50 years in
advancing Winn's mission and feline medicine. I am also confident Julie Legred and the
Board of Directors will continue the vision of every cat, every day benefits from Winn
funded research."

Under Dr. Thayer at the last review cycle, Winn funded over $500,000 in total funding to
studies of cat health and behavior, which includes unowned outdoor cats and shelter

"On behalf of Winn Feline Foundation board of directors, I would like to acknowledge and
extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by Dr. Vicki Thayer for the time she
was the Foundation's Executive Director." says Board President Dr. Glenn Olah. "She put
in endless hours working on projects in the past four years that have truly taken the
organization to a higher level.  Through her diligence, she-motivation, dedication and
leadership, Winn's experienced phenomenal growth in meeting its mission to advance
feline health by supporting research and education thereby helping every cat, every day."

Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports
studies to improve cat health. Since 1968, Winn Feline Foundation has funded more
than $6.4 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions world-
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Steve Dale, CABC
Media Contact and Winn Board Member
Winn Feline Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established by The Cat Fanciers Association