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How Funds Are Used

A commitment to feline health research, education and communication

Funding research grants

Twice a year, Winn accepts proposals for feline health studies. Scientific advisors and prominent veterinarians, both in clinical practice and in research, review the proposals under rigorous standards and make recommendations to Winn’s Board of Directors.

Our advisors and board consider each study’s scientific merit, its value to cats, the soundness of its design and its budget. The humane treatment of any animal participating in a study is always of paramount importance.

Funds provided to university researchers are not subject to the indirect costs or “overhead” commonly applied to research grants awarded to universities. Every dollar awarded goes directly toward research support for general health studies, specific research areas or breed-related health studies.

Providing resources for professionals and cat owners

So much of what we know about feline health has changed, and Winn has been at the forefront of uncovering new information, stimulating interest in the veterinary community and getting the word out to every cat owner.

At Winn Feline Foundation, we strive to keep our supporters informed of the most current news, studies and advancements in cat care. Winn sponsors an annual symposium on feline health topics for veterinarians, technicians, breeders and cat lovers. We also co-sponsor international veterinary conferences and publish articles that educate veterinarians and the public about feline health. New findings are regularly shared via podcasts and videos.

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Your gifts in action

Research funded by Winn Feline Foundation helps veterinarians improve the treatment of common feline health problems and aids in the prevention of life-threatening diseases. Your gifts help make this research possible.

  • Combined federal campaign — Military and civilian federal employees can donate to Winn through the Combined Federal Campaign (#10321).
  • State of Florida Registered Charity — Winn Feline Foundation is registered with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, #CH 28178. Disclosure: A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free,     1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) or, within the state. Registration does imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.
  • Matching gifts — If your company has a matching gift program, send your donation along with your company’s match to Winn.
  • Facebook Individual Fundraisers — Individuals can set up personal fundraising appeals through their Facebook page as part of a birthday, anniversary or other personal fundraising celebration to support Winn. One of our board members has provided information in this document on how to set up fundraising through Facebook.

For information on gift programs, please contact us.